Sentry Equipment Corp Case Study

In the power generation industry, it’s essential to maintain the chemistry of steam and water within prescribed limits to prevent performance-eroding corrosion and catastrophic failure,

Ultra-High Purity Case Study

The CDC estimates that each year 48 million Americans eat something that makes them ill. To prevent this, food and beverage manufacturers follow rigorous equipment

Custom Teflon® Flared Fitting Case Study

Ultrapure water (UPW) is essential in the semiconductor industry. UPW is used in wafer production, standard wet cleans, and other wet processes such as some

Fischbein Case Study

Fischbein Co., the world leader in bag closing technology, came to ChemTec looking for airflow sensors for their Pinch Bag Closer and Pinch Inner Liner Sealer.

Animatronics Case Study

When Everything Goes Wrong When a hydraulic lift fails, the results can be devastating – especially when it’s a platform with people on it or

Chemical Skid Case Study

The Problem of Too Many Parts When it comes to mixing and controlling the flow of acids, more is not always better.  Over time, the

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Case Studies

Custom Product for Tutco Farnam

ChemTec has worked closely with Tutco–Farnam Custom Products to provide flow switches that meet the demands of their clients based on specific applications.

Parsons Tabo Success

Excess Flow Valves detected leaks in some of the braided flexible hoses that were being used and shut the system down instantly.