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The Importance of Excess Flow Valves

The Importance Of Excess Flow Valves

Excess flow valves (EFVs), or mechanical devices that can stop the flow of gas, water, or air through supply lines in the event of a surge or break in a supply line or hose. EFVs are essential in the design of many gas and liquid systems. If an EFV is overlooked in the initial design phase, many applications can be retrofitted to include one, as proceeding without an EFV can lead to significant product waste.

With this in mind, how can EFVs save money and improve the quality your facility produces? Learn more about the role these valves play in the production process.  

EFVs in Cultivation

One industry that relies heavily on CO2 extraction is the CBD oil industry. Like other cannabinoid products, CBD oil begins with the cultivation of cannabis. Many have found that using carbon dioxide to enrich the air in a cannabis grow room can increase crop yield and improve growth. In fact, using a CO2-enhanced grow room has been shown to improve yields by between 20 and 100 percent

But what happens if there’s a surge in pressure or a break in the line? Without an EFV, too much CO2 can leak out into the room, which can be dangerous, and an expensive loss. When an EFV detects this increase in pressure, going outside of what’s deemed “normal use”, its mechanism is triggered and the excess flow is stopped, saving you considerable costs.

EFVs in the Extraction Process

Another aspect of production in which EFVs are crucial is the extraction process. Although some oils are created by using a solvent (like butane or ethanol) for extraction, the use of these solvents can impact the effectiveness and safety of the final product. Using CO2 instead can provide an inexpensive, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and non-flammable alternative.

For CO2 to be an effective solvent, it must reach a fluid state that allows it to display both liquid and gas properties. An EFV is a crucial part of this process, preventing the flow of excess CO2 through the line to ensure that the product is receiving just enough to allow the extraction. Though the customized valves that allow for this may appear expensive, they can often lower your product costs while improving performance. 

ChemTec’s EFV series can work for a variety of functions and industries. Our products are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested at our Florida factory. And with total control over the manufacturing process, we can easily incorporate customer requests and customizations. Visit our website to learn more about our EFV functions and features or to find a local distributor today.

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