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Shifting Customer Attitudes, Environmental Concerns, And Rising Demand Are Impacting The Water Treatment Industry

Shifting Customer Attitudes, Environmental Concerns, And Rising Demand Are Impacting The Water Treatment Industry


The water treatment industry is currently experiencing strong growth, and it is being shaped by many different factors that are affecting everyone from manufacturers to end users.

Water Quality Concerns are High Atop the List

In most of the developed world—especially the large markets of the U.S. and Europe—concerns over water quality are stimulating many of the developments that are taking place in the market. Many customers are turning away from the traditional water treatment chemicals and embracing newer technology, such as membranes and advanced filtration solutions.

It’s no surprise that people are demanding access to better quality water, and the water treatment industry as a whole is responding with innovative solutions that perform more reliably and are cost effective. Standards are improving throughout many different sectors of the industry, leading to a world where more people than ever before have access to the best quality filtered water that technology allows.

Environmental Factors are Having Massive Impacts

Climate changes and other environmental factors are having wide-reaching impacts across the planet. Regulatory bodies, citizens, and companies are paying closer attention to wastewater management practices than ever before, in order to combat certain effects of climate change and protect against water shortages in high-risk areas.

Recycling wastewater for reuse is more difficult than treating freshwater, and it requires different tools and systems in order to get the water to a high enough quality to satisfy regulatory agencies. These more difficult and involved processes required for wastewater recycling are another reason why the water treatment industry is forecasted to experience steady gains in the coming years.

Improved Technology is Driving Product Innovation

Processes that deliver better higher-quality water to more people around the world and recycle more wastewater are more difficult and involved than some traditional water treatment methods. They also require the use of more advanced technology, and companies that operate in the water treatment industry are rising to the challenge.

For instance, membrane bioreactor systems are a sophisticated way to effectively treat industrial wastewater. Analysts expect the demand for these systems to increase precipitously, with the market reaching approximately $5.6 billion by 2026, up from just $1.5 billion at the end of 2017. The global valves market is also expected to grow at a robust 7% through 2026, as technological advancements have improved their ability to control water flow precisely.

Flow control is one of the most important considerations for water treatment professionals these days. Some products, such as the ChemTec LCA Series Flow Monitor, can be mounted in different orientations so that more water goes through the unit with less of a chance of choking the flow. ChemTec also features the MAO Series of Flow Meters, which are ideal for wastewater treatment and cost-effective.

Prepare Yourself for the Growth in Demand for Water Treatment Products

Your clients are going to be asking more about innovative water treatment solutions, and ChemTec is here to help. We specialize in the most advanced systems available today, and our research and development team can work with you to create solutions designed with custom-built parts no matter the quantity needed. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how you can offer your clients the best in water treatment products.

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