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Grow Your Bottom Line by Conserving Water

Grow Your Bottom Line By Conserving Water

Conserving water is rapidly gaining importance across many industries, but especially for companies that manufacture semiconductors and similar high-technology products. Smart businesses pay close attention to the recent rise in water conservation rebates, grants, and tax reliefs from the government. But for more direct results they closely manage their machinery, such as wet benches, that has high water consumption levels. This often means choosing efficient components like ChemTec’s 125 Series Adjustable Flow Monitors.

A primer on wet benches

Wet benches are common tools primarily used for wet cleaning and etching, often in the manufacture of semiconductors or other sensitive technological products. Most wet benches contain multiple tanks filled with different fluids like etching solution or de-ionized water for rinsing.

These machines require a significant amount of water in order to operate, and they can be a concern for companies trying to reduce the amount of water they consume. While water used in the manufacture of semiconductors can often be recycled for other uses (such as landscape irrigation), reducing consumption is still an important goal for many of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The demand for semiconductors is not going to abate anytime soon, so companies that do a good job of conserving water will see a positive effect on the bottom line and get the additional benefit of reducing their overall water footprint.

How the 125 Series helps conserve

The 125 Series Adjustable Flow Monitor from ChemTec is a smart, simple way to achieve your goal of reducing water consumption. This device can be installed into a wide variety of wet benches, and it monitors the flow across a broad range of outputs. This monitor is made from high-quality stainless steel, brass, or teflon, and its compact size makes it a versatile solution for many different applications. By monitoring the liquid flows in these wet stations, users can make the appropriate adjustments to the machines to optimize the amount of liquids used in the process.

Let us help you

We design and manufacture all of our components on-site and can customize any product to your exact specifications. To learn more about how the 125 Series Flow Monitor can help your business—contact us today.

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