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Why Flow Meters are Important for Irrigation Systems

Why Flow Meters Are Important For Irrigation Systems

For years golf courses and large parks have used flow sensors to cut down on their water waste. As water is becoming increasingly expensive more and more businesses and individuals alike are looking for ways to reduce their water usage. Thankfully, at the same time water has been increasing in price and the price of quality flow sensors has been going down. This allows anyone to affordably access these water-saving devices.

How Flow Sensors Work in Irrigation Systems

Many irrigation systems now are almost entirely automated through the use of automatic sprinklers. However, you still have to adjust the settings on these sprinklers in order to get the desired water output and monitor them closely to ensure they are functioning as you intend.

With no way to measure the water, keeping your sprinkler system running at peak performance can be a real challenge. Plants may die from being under or over-watered and busted pipes may go unnoticed for days at a time. Likewise, any time you try a new water conservation tactic there’s no way to know how well it is working.

With flow sensors, you can measure exactly how much water you are putting out at all times. Problems such as busted pipes or sprinkler geysers will quickly show up in the measurements. This makes controlling how much water your plants receive easier, and measuring the effectiveness of your water conservation efforts allows you to see what is working well and as well as what isn’t. For anyone with a relatively large sprinkler system installing flow sensors offers a huge advantage.

ChemTec Flow Sensors

Flow sensors are becoming increasingly popular for commercial and residential use alike and at ChemTec we’re proud to offer a wide selection of the highest quality flow sensors on the market today. Best of all, these flow sensors can be fully customized to meet the needs of you or your customers. If you would like to learn more about the flow sensors we have available and the many advantages they offer, contact us today.

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