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Custom Product for Tutco Farnam

Custom Product For Tutco Farnam

ChemTec has worked closely with Tutco–Farnam Custom Products to provide flow switches that meet the demands of their clients based on specific applications.

Tutco-Farnam Custom Products was contacted by a pharmaceutical equipment builder who planned on using the TPC1500, but requested several custom features, which Tutco-Farnam Custom Products commonly does to provide customers the best solution for their specific application. One of the modifications requested was to change the flow switch material from brass to stainless steel, as they wanted all stainless steel components for the air flow path. ChemTec was contacted to determine the feasibility of this. As discussion ensued about this, ChemTec offered up several suggestions.

The final configuration:

WAS:   pipe nipple —-coupling—flow switch—coupling—-nipple—-heater

NOW:   pipe nipple—flow switch—nipple—heater

1)  Simplify installation by providing female threads instead of the former male thread. This reduced the components required to plumb the flow switch into the system.

2)  The reed switch is now integrated into a single stainless steel body. The new design provides better protection for the reed switch. Whereas the reed switch was formerly brazed to the OD of a brass pipe, it is now potted directly into the body. In addition, it eliminates the requirement for a brazing operation for ChemTec, easing manufacturability and reducing the opportunity of any damage to the reed switch during assembly.

“From our collaboration, we now have a flow switch which has been improved beyond just the requirement for all stainless steel construction. Tutco-Farnam Custom Products received a flow switch which has been improved in several aspects with a minimal increase in cost. This switch has now been adopted as a standard component in all of  Tutco-Farnam Custom Products’ TPC1500s.”

AJ Nidek
Business Development
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