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Chemical Skid Case Study

The Problem of Too Many Parts

When it comes to mixing and controlling the flow of acids, more is not always better.  Over time, the spring in the flow monitor in applications of acid/alkaline disintegrate and needs replacing, due to the constant exposure to strong chemicals.  Because ChemTec offers parts that are customizable to the specific need of each client, we were approached by Dober Chemical Corporation to see if we could engineer our way around the spring, so that the monitor could last longer.  (If ever a part does not exist, we are eager to create it for our clients, so we set to work…)

Engineering Around a Spring

It was clear that the spring had to be eliminated, but that still left the problem of monitoring the flow of acids based on the viscosity of the liquid.  Our response was a high power magnet on the outside of the fluid path.  This allowed the flow of acid and alkaline to be monitored, but without any metal parts touching the chemicals themselves.  This unit now has all-Teflon® wetted parts.  This dramatically extended the life of the flow monitor, saving our clients the cost of repairs and replacements over time.

Customizing Success

Chemical SkidThe result was flawless!  Not only was the flow monitor a success, but we had the opportunity to demonstrate how ChemTec is able to customize a unit based on the individual needs of each client.  By eliminating the metal spring from the chemical exposure, the flow monitor became a sleeker and more streamlined part.  We are always eager to work with each of our clients to find their specific requirements, and if needed, to engineer our way around any roadblocks that they have.  Customizable unit for the specific needs of each client is how ChemTec does business.

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