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Animatronics Case Study

When Everything Goes Wrong

When a hydraulic lift fails, the results can be devastating – especially when it’s a platform with people on it or under it.  If something goes wrong and a hydraulic lift fails it can easily come crashing to the ground and injure both people and machines.  A Florida based amusement park came to us wanting a solution for this danger so that if a hydraulic lift failed on one of their stages, there would be minimal damages to people and equipment.  ChemTec is always up for a challenge to engineer for a specific situation, so we put our best minds on it and came up with a great solution.

Engineering for the Worst Case Scenario

We saw that a similar problem had been fixed when dealing with emergency shutoffs in natural gas, so we decided to use an HPEFV Series shutoff valve for their hydraulic lift problem.  We adapted the valve for hydraulic fluid and made it so that when even a drop started to leak, the shutoff valve would engage and capture all the pressure from the stage.  It would then slowly let the stage down rather than letting it crash down violently.  These valves are typically used to sustain about 3,000 psi, but the stages needed a stronger response, so we adapted them to take closer to 6,000 psi.

Safe and Sound

HPEFE-animatronicsThe result was that now their employees were safer and the equipment was protected from further damage after a failed hydraulic lift.  With the increased load capacity to 6,000 psi, everyone was assured that even in the worst case scenario, everything would come slowly and safely to the ground.  This would not have been possible if ChemTec did not take pride in their products and were committed to adapting a standard part for a specific need.  This valve now gets to be a part of the happiest place on earth and helps to make sure that people and equipment are safe.


INDUSTRY: Hydraulic & Pneumatic
APPLICATION: Animatronics
PRODUCT: HPEFV Series Shutoff Valve

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