r&d water sensor
R & D Highlights

R&D Highlight: Water Sensor

ChemTec is an engineering-driven company, and engineering is really about applying the Laws of Physics. We’re familiar with analyzing gas flow rates, accounting for expansion

Flow switch installation
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R&D Highlight: LCA

LCA Series: Custom piston and LED light Installation: Vertical Industry: Residential or Commercial Media: Gas

CCM Series & Gas Analyzers

Gas analyzers are used in many industrial processes and play an important role: they are used to verify the presence or lack of presence of

Product Spotlight: LCA Series

The LCA series now monitors BOTH gas and liquid! Click here for the LCA Series product info page. Applications include: CNG Filling Stations (stainless steel unit)

Product Spotlight: Excess Flow Valves

ChemTec’s excess flow valves are perfect for a variety of industries. Below are some examples. Industry Example 1: Semiconductor Fabrication Applications include: Installed in-line on hydrogen

Product Spotlight: MAO Series

ChemTec’s MAO Series flow meter is a reliable, accurate, economical low flow meter with a microprocessor-based conditioning circuit capable of sending a signal to computer

Product Spotlight: LCA Series

In line, field adjustable flow monitor for liquid flow to detects loss of flow or signal no-flow conditions. General Applications: Machine lubrication Process flows Cooling