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Fire Control Systems

Fire Control Systems

In most cases, a fire sprinkler system is the first responder when dealing with unexpected fires in residential and commercial buildings. As such, fire control systems are required to be installed in certain residential and commercial properties by a variety of local, state, and federal regulations. Those regulations are increasing, and the automatic fire control system industry is pegged for robust expansion through 2020.  

As the demand for fire sprinkler systems increases, so does a need to monitor those systems. A faulty sprinkler system can cause costly and at times catastrophic water damage. Not only is there a high expense from water damages, but there are also added risks of black mold, and chances for residence or employees to suffer from a slip and fall.

ChemTec’s FAV Series and fire sprinkler systems

A ChemTec FAV flow monitor can expertly monitor the flow of water in a wet pipe fire sprinkler system and trigger an alarm when a continuous flow of water occurs from an activated fire sprinkler head or from a leak in the system. There are a variety of water sprinkler systems in the market and there usually is not a one-size-fits-all solution for monitoring the water flow. ChemTec can work directly with customers to create customized solutions that deliver maximum efficiency and protection.

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