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R&D Highlight: Water Sensor

  • September 2, 2015

ChemTec is an engineering-driven company, and engineering is really about applying the Laws of Physics. We’re familiar with analyzing gas flow rates, accounting for expansion coefficients, and monitoring the position of suspended magnetic pistons, but optical engineering is outside of our realm. Or it was until a customer set us a challenge we couldn’t resist.

R&D Highlight: LCA

  • April 27, 2015

LCA Series: Custom piston and LED light

Installation: Vertical

Industry: Residential or Commercial

Media: Gas

CCM Series & Gas Analyzers

  • December 5, 2014

Gas analyzers are used in many industrial processes and play an important role: they are used to verify the presence or lack of presence of a particular gas or multiple gases. For example, in metal fabrication oxygen is used during the process of smelting iron ore into steel. Oxygen (O2) removes impurities from the steel. As the third most abundant element in the universe, Oxygen is the most widely used gas consumed by all living beings and is used for industrial purposes and applications including chemical, medical, aerospace, water treatment, semiconductor, food/beverage, and pharmaceutical. On the other side of industrial processes, analyzers detect the presence of gases such as sulfur, carbon, argon, nitrogen, and hydrogen. These gases can be dangerous if present in the atmosphere during manufacturing. Detection of these gases can be crucial to the safety of the plant and personnel.

Product Spotlight: Excess Flow Valves

  • April 1, 2013

ChemTec’s excess flow valves are perfect for a variety of industries. Below are some examples.

Industry Example 1: Semiconductor Fabrication

Example of a semiconductor

Example of a semiconductor

Applications include:

  • Installed in-line on hydrogen gas feeder lines; responsible for supplying hydrogen gas into the plant, delivering hydrogen to multiple areas within the plant.

Product Details: Ultra-high purity, electro-polished to 10 RA finish, manual reset excess flow valve with welded ¾” VCR fittings*, electric switch conduit, CE and ATEX mark. *The welded VCR fitting option is of great benefit to the customer providing easy removal and replacement for cleaning without damaging the unit.


Industry Example 2: Alternative Fuel

Chemtec's HP-EFV-750-S Excess Flow Valve in a CNG Filling Station

HP-EFV-750-S in a CNG filling station; installed on the line between the supply line and vehicle.

Applications include:

  • Natural Gas Vehicles
  • CNG Fueling Stations
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells


Industry Example 3: Hydrogen Generators

ChemTec’s EFV-250-B Custom Unit for a Hydrogen Generator

ChemTec’s EFV-250-B (also available in 316 SS) custom unit for hydrogen generator OEM; installed at the base of cell phone towers


Applications include:

  • CNG (compressed natural gas) filling stations
  • Housed within NGV’s (natural gas vehicles)
  • Hydrogen generators in cell phone towers


Industry Option 4: Food & Beverage

Applications include:

  • Packaging Equipment – bursts of nitrogen are used during the sealing stage in both dry and liquid packaging processes. Used in Cap feeding; Sealing; Bottling/Kegging/Canning
  • Cryogenics – used for dry goods packaging; dispensing of nitrogen for product freshness and bag sealing.
  • Specialty Gas distribution lines – used to monitor the dispensing of gases (CO2 or nitrogen) for beverage grade beer & soda consumption
  • Liquid Nitrogen dosing systems – for peanut packaging and wine bottling
  • Liquid Filling Systems – signal flow/no flow condition of liquids and monitor the amount dispensed prevents over/under fill.
  • Process Technology – CIP (clean in place) & SIP (sterilization in place) systems; UV Systems for disinfection; Recirculating chillers
  • Filtration – signal flow/no flow condition and monitor liquids; monitor prevents pump burn-out; can signal notice of filter maintenance. Used in Batch processing; Brewing process; CO2 reclamation; Filling; Pasteurizing; Reverse osmosis (removing chlorine and fluorine from water before brewing process)
  • Beverage Pumps – signal flow/no flow condition; monitor liquids; prevention of pump burn-out.


Industry Option 5: Marine

Applications include:

  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination – Installed to protect pumps, monitor flow, signals flow/no-flow conditions for quality; monitors operating pressures and fresh water flush upon shutdown. Units are available in materials suitable for use on seawater such as Monel 400, to resist corrosion, and 316SS which is suitable for all potable water applications.


Industry Example 6: Gas Utilities

  • Application: Natural Gas lines
  • Line size: 1” diameter or less is a common line size for most residential and commercial lines (i.e. homes, apartments, townhomes, condos, restaurants, plants & factories).
  • Placement: Installed in-line, between the main “T” and the home; where the line pressure is not less than 10psig.

Customized Excess Flow Valves for Any Application

The excess flow valve shown below has been customized with automatic tube welds and VCR fittings for an OEM of hydrogen gas delivery systems.  Installed in an ultra-high purity application, ease of installation and removal without causing damage was of utmost importance with this design.

Chemtec EFV-250-12 FVCR Excess Flow Valve

EFV-250-12 FVCR

Below, the EFV-750-S MRS is customized with tube stubbs and flanges.

EFV-750-S Manual Reset Series, customized with tube stubbs and flanges


Product Spotlight: MAO Series

  • March 1, 2013

ChemTec’s MAO Series flow meter is a reliable, accurate, economical low flow meter with a microprocessor-based conditioning circuit capable of sending a signal to computer controlled and remote controlled process equipment.  The MAO Series handles all liquids & aggressive chemicals, offers all-Teflon® wetted parts, and is available in three sizes: 125, 250 and 500 Series (1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″ ports, respectively).The MAO comes ready with three outputs (voltage, pulse and current loop) in each unit.

Chemtec MAO 125/250 Flow Meter

MAO 125/250


Chemtec MAO 500 Flow Meter

MAO 500



Chemical Manufacturing
Municipal Water/Wastewater Treatment
Processing Equipment


Chemical processing of raw/caustic material
Portable and permanent chemical injection skids
Chemical dosing, mixing, delivery systems
Chemical feed systems
Pharmaceutical processing equipment (dosing, spraying, dispensing pharmaceutical grade material)
Beverage dispensing, mixing, processing

Special pricing for ChemTec’s MAO Series starts at $400.  For application & industry specific questions or pricing & delivery inquiries, contact us.

Product Spotlight: LCA Series

  • August 1, 2012

In line, field adjustable flow monitor for liquid flow to detects loss of flow or signal no-flow conditions.

General Applications:

  • Machine lubrication
  • Process flows
  • Cooling systems
  • Water treatment systems

Chemtec LCA Series Adjustable Flow Monitor     Chemtec LCA Series Adjustable Flow Monitor

Custom LCAs & Current Applications

Packaging Industry
Application: bag handling and closing systems for pet food & agriculture
Unit: LCA-250-P (A-1095)
Customized spring & set point

Air Conditioning Industry
Application: closed loop liquid Freon
Unit: LCA-B1084-379
Customized porting & conduit, socket solder

Chemtec Custom LCA-B1084-379

Water Treatment
Application: ozonation skids
Unit: LCA-250 (B-1090) (PVC)

Application: hydraulic fluids circuit, cruise missile deployment
Unit: LCA-375-S A-1172
Customized military style porting (MS 33649)

Industrial Lubrication
Application: hydraulic circuit
Unit: LCA-500-B B-952 SAE-8
Customized porting

Chemtec Custom LCA-500-B B-952 SAE-8 with Customized Porting

Laser Industry
Application: H2O & Glycol cooling system for lasers/recirculating chillers
Unit: LCA-500-B (B-783) & LCA-500-P (B-783)

Contact Rajen for additional application details.

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