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Announcement: New FS Series Upgrades

Here at ChemTec, we’re pleased to announce the upgraded FS Series Flow Monitor with a more modern look and new features like internal switch housing. The FS is still easy to install with same fit and function. Stay tuned for updated FS Series Spec and I&M sheets.

Features:New FS Brass

  • Square body for stainless steel & brass models
  • Round body for PVC models
  • Internal switches & conduitsClose on-off differential
  • No seals
  • Low maintenance
  • Single moving part
  • In line vertical plumbing

Updated Dimensions:New FS PVC

  • Only the metal bodies’ dimensions have changed in width
  • Length of metal bodies remains the same
  • New Metal body dimensions:
    • FS50 – 1.13 inches
    • FS74 – 1.25 inches
    • FS1 – 1.50 inches

Application Spotlight: Industrial Laser Industry

Many scientific, military, medical and commercial laser applications have been developed since the invention of the laser in 1958. The coherency, high monochromaticity and the ability to reach extremely high powers are all the properties which allow for these specialized applications. Laser applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Scientific ( Heat Treatment, Laser Cooling, Nuclear Fusion)
  • Military ( Targeting, Firearms)
  • Medical (Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Scalpel
  • Industrial & Commercial ( Entertainment, Surveying)

Lasers generate an intense amount of heat that must be removed from the laser system to avoid overheating critical components and reduces stress on a laser system. ChemTec’s FS Series non-adjustable flow monitor is installed in-line in many laser systems’ liquid cooling loops, including:

  • Recirculating Chillers
  • Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling Systems
  • Ambient Cooling Systems
  • Cold Plates
  • Heat Exchanges
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