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Sentry Equipment Corp Case Study

In the power generation industry, it’s essential to maintain the chemistry of steam and water within Sentry3DLogoprescribed limits to prevent performance-eroding corrosion and catastrophic failure, which results in unforeseen downtime, capital expenses and compromised service and safety. Proper maintenance of steam and water chemistry is accomplished by extracting samples throughout the entire steam and water cycle, conditioning them to allow for a safe and reliable analysis. Then, using either manual or automated analysis techniques, verifying their chemical properties.

The equipment used for conditioning and analyzing the sample stream is known as a, “sample panel.” Sentry Equipment Corp of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is recognized as a global leader in safe and efficient steam and water conditioning and analysis, supplying nuclear, fossil fuel, and other types of power generation around the world. In applications like these, every component has to perform to the highest standards of reliability. Any failure, blockage or downtime can be very costly, which is why Sentry depends on ChemTec for their flow monitors.

The Importance of Flow Rates in Sentry Sample Panels

Employee-owned Sentry Equipment Corp is the only company that provides comprehensive end-to-end products and services for the power industry with its products, integrated sampling systems and complete lifecycle management services through AquatiPro Water Chemistry Services. These products and services enable users to monitor the chemistry of steam, water and solids, ensuring that their processes stay within applicable limits. Within a sample panel, such as the Sentry® II Automated Sample Conditioning System, it’s essential that fluid-flow rates are kept within tight limits to ensure representative sampling. Variation, particularly on the low side, can lead to sedimentation, blockages and invalid sample results.

Meeting the Need: The LPH Flow MonitorLPH SERIES

The LPH series of flow monitors sense both high and low flow conditions with a very close on/off differential, alerting operators to any abnormal conditions, such as those that might be caused by a partial blockage. The compact design of the LPH makes it easy to incorporate into sample panels. Because there are no seals, durability is assured. Versions are available with acrylic, brass, 316 stainless and Teflon® bodies to suit a range of temperatures, to provide corrosion resistance and for ultrahigh purity applications.

The LPH flow monitor is non-adjustable: Each model is designed for a specified flow rate. Models start at 1 ml/m of water (0.016 GPH) and go up to 2,200 ml/m (34.88 GPH).

Dependable Operation

The flow monitors installed in sample panels used by power generators around the world must be dependable. Any deviation or failure could invalidate the sampling procedure and possibly lead to expensive downtime. That’s why Sentry Equipment Corp. chose the LPH flow monitors from ChemTec.

The ChemTec Process

By keeping manufacturing in house, ChemTec has retained complete control over the design-to-ship process. Products like the LPH flow monitor are designed to meet the needs of the customer and application, but also for ease of manufacture, which keeps costs down. With tight integration of design and production, ChemTec can quickly respond to customer requests or emerging needs and offer short lead times, even for nonstandard products and small quantities.

Reputation Protected

Since 1924, Sentry has built, and is proud of, its reputation as a market leader in products, systems and services for the global power generation marketplace. In turn, Sentry Equipment Corp relies on ChemTec for the high-quality flow monitors that assure a reliable operation.


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