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The Scoop on Cryogenics

The Scoop On Cryogenics

Dippin’ Dots, the novelty ice cream that has become a staple in amusement parks, malls, and theaters, recently announced they are now dipping into Cryogenics. This subsidiary known as Dippin’ Dots Cryogenics will offer its freezing technology to a variety of non-edible industries.

Cryogenics relies on a precise freezing methodology and requires equally precise equipment to get it right. ChemTec manufactures flow devices that help companies maximize safety, improve productivity, and in turn saves money.

A Winning Combination

It is a hazardous job working with low-temperature gases and liquids. Gases, in particular, are usually handled in much smaller volume due to greater risks. Nitrogen gas is odorless and a leak cannot be easily detected. While nitrogen gas is not an immediate danger to people, long-term exposure to nitrogen gas can lead to asphyxiation.

Whether it’s a minor leak caused by loose fittings or a major leak due to pipes bursting under pressure, the gas supply needs to be shut off immediately to prevent serious injury. Instead of listening for a hissing noise to indicate a leak, an audible alarm or visual signal is a safer method of leak detection. ChemTec’s excess flow valves can shut-off a leaky line when a change in flow is detected.

The ChemTec Difference

Our Flow Meters and Flow Valves can help a variety of companies control their production and increase their compliance. For more information on how our units can be used in cryogenic cooling systems and the temperatures, they are able to withstand fill out our form or give us a call at (800) 222-2177.

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