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Refrigeration at the Next Level

Refrigeration At The Next Level

Cryogenics and Refrigeration

Cryogenics is a type of science that deals with the production and effects of extremely low temperatures typically produced through the Joule-Thomson effect. This is a process that utilizes temperature, volume, and even pressure to create these low temperatures. In order for temperatures to be considered cryogenic, they need to be at least -1000C, however, there is disagreement being that according to some other sources they must go as low as -1500C. At these temperatures, gases turn into liquid with the ability to serve many different purposes.

Refrigeration is one of many industries in which cryogenics can be used. Cryogenic refrigerators or “cryocoolers” can be used when materials need to be subject to extremely low temperatures. These machines usually are a standalone device that are used to refrigerate items at -153°C while also liquefying some gasses for alternative uses.

The Uses of Cryogenics

Areas in which the innovative Cryogenics technology is applied include recycling facilities to help make soft and flexible plastics brittle, as well as a variety of healthcare facilities  for  superconductivity in machines such as MRI’s, cryotherapy as a way to freeze and remove abnormal skin cells, and even cryosurgery to help destroy abnormal cells in the body.

Cryogenics is a fast growing technology, and as the technology progresses we must align safety and maintenance standards to keep up with this growth.  Being such an asset in addition to its promising potential it is very important to ensure that cryogenic devices do not start abnormal operating conditions, which is why flow switches are used. Their purpose is to inform if something irregular happens with the device by triggering an alarm .

If you are developing a cryogenic system, reach out to ChemTec. We have a variety of products available for cryogenic uses.  Contact us at (800) 222-2177 or email to get the conversation started about how we can help you find the perfect one for your specific needs.

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