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R&D Highlight: LCA

R&D Highlight: LCA

LCA Series: Custom piston and LED light

Installation: Vertical

Industry: Residential or Commercial

Media: Gas

Product customization: Customer requested a flow monitor to be installed on a residential gas stove that would be capable of sensing a very low flow of gas. The LED light was requested as a visual indicator of gas flow. The spring was removed and piston customized to be light enough to detect the low flow of gas. The flow switch was installed in line with the gas supply so when the gas is turned on, the light comes on and stays on until shut off. This LCA customization can be used for residential or commercial purposes.


Stove light with no burners lit Stove light with any burner lit









For LCA Series customizations or other product inquires please contact us at (800) 222-2177.

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