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Product Spotlight: LCA Series

In line, field adjustable flow monitor for liquid flow to detects loss of flow or signal no-flow conditions.

General Applications:

  • Machine lubrication
  • Process flows
  • Cooling systems
  • Water treatment systems

Chemtec LCA Series Adjustable Flow Monitor     Chemtec LCA Series Adjustable Flow Monitor

Custom LCAs & Current Applications

Packaging Industry
Application: bag handling and closing systems for pet food & agriculture
Unit: LCA-250-P (A-1095)
Customized spring & set point

Air Conditioning Industry
Application: closed loop liquid Freon
Unit: LCA-B1084-379
Customized porting & conduit, socket solder

Chemtec Custom LCA-B1084-379

Water Treatment
Application: ozonation skids
Unit: LCA-250 (B-1090) (PVC)

Application: hydraulic fluids circuit, cruise missile deployment
Unit: LCA-375-S A-1172
Customized military style porting (MS 33649)

Industrial Lubrication
Application: hydraulic circuit
Unit: LCA-500-B B-952 SAE-8
Customized porting

Chemtec Custom LCA-500-B B-952 SAE-8 with Customized Porting

Laser Industry
Application: H2O & Glycol cooling system for lasers/recirculating chillers
Unit: LCA-500-B (B-783) & LCA-500-P (B-783)

Contact Rajen for additional application details.

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