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Product Spotlight: 500 BP Series

Product Spotlight: 500 BP Series

Flow monitors are essential to a variety of industrial and commercial operations. The right monitor can ensure safety, consistency, and quality in even the most sensitive of applications. ChemTec makes the 500 BP Series for companies who need a durable flow monitor that they can count on time after time.

Flow Monitors Today

A flow monitor ensures the rate of flow is consistent and following the right path. If the flow is interrupted for any reason, the piston within the fluid stream will move. If it moves enough, based on its fixed parameters, it will sound an alarm to the appropriate parties so they can take action.

The more accurate a flow monitor is, the more expensive it will be. An extremely high-precision flow monitor may not be suitable for industrial applications, so leaders need to evaluate and set priorities prior to choosing one.

The 500 BP Series

Companies rely on flow monitors to help them take care of emergency situations quickly, which is why choosing the right one is critical for successful enterprises. ChemTec knows how important it is to give decision-makers flexibility when it comes to their operations, which is why the Bypass series is adjustable based on the parameters of an application. It’s also easy to adjust if you’re changing applications, making it versatile enough to handle a variety of tasks.

Applications that need intense monitoring can be programmed to send alerts based on their settings, while applications with more leeway can be set with a certain level of deviation. This series has a low minimum operating pressure, making it suitable for a variety of industries. Shipboard water systems, vacuum systems, and biomedical instruments are just a few of the sectors that count on the Bypass series to keep their products compliant and safe.

The Bypass series has inline 180° porting and is made with a durable combination of brass and Teflon. It can monitor either gases or liquids and can detect both high and low flow conditions. ChemTec is happy to customize the 500 BP Series for our customers, so they can get exactly what they need to keep their operations in line.

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