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Prevent Nitrogen Gas Leaks

Prevent Nitrogen Gas Leaks

Nitrogen gas is used in many applications and can be found in both industrial and commercial settings. A common method for producing nitrogen is a nitrogen generator. Using compressed air, an on-site nitrogen generator can make 99% pure nitrogen on demand for food preservation, beer crafting, metal forging, petroleum refining, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to name a few notable applications.


While safer than traditional compressed nitrogen storage tanks, nitrogen generators can be dangerous if they develop a leak. In the event of an undetected nitrogen gas leak, the work environment can be depleted of oxygen in a matter of minutes. An excess flow valve works in conjunction with an oxygen monitor to signal an alarm.

Excess Flow Valves

Excess Flow Valves are available with either a manual or automatic reset capability. Each EFV can be easily and simply mounted in almost any position.

For more information on how EFV’s improve safety in nitrogen-exposed environments, contact ChemTec today.

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