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Options for Monitoring Gas Leaks

Options For Monitoring Gas Leaks

This blog post discusses ChemTec products for gas delivery systems. It covers excess flow valves, flow monitors and custom solutions from ChemTec.

Gas Delivery Systems

When gas is used in significant volumes, a central gas delivery system is a practical necessity. A gas delivery system can reduce operating costs, increase productivity and enhance safety.

Excess Flow Valves

Excess flow valves (EFVs) shuts-off gas in the event of a line break or surge in line pressure. EFVs react to line breaks or pressure surges by pulling a piston shut, closing an abnormal line. ChemTec’s EFVs have different functions: controlled bleeds, automatic reset, and fixed actuation. Standard units are field adjustable.

Flow Monitors

The 125 series is an adjustable flow monitor that detects confirms normal flow and detects high and low-flow conditions. It’s best for applications where the ratio between the normal flow and the set point is at least 10:1, including analyzers, welding systems, and wet stations.

Flow monitors “monitor’ the system and maintains proper flow. If there is a change in flow, the flow monitor actuates. If connected, the actuation will trigger an alarm or signal if it exceeds a preset limit.

LPH series flow monitors are another option for monitoring gas in smaller delivery systems. The LPH can trigger an alarm in response to an abnormal flow rate. When combined with other components, flow monitors are used for signaling leaks over a long period of time.

Custom Solutions

ChemTec also offers customized units with ports ranging from 1/8 inch to two inches in diameter and can be customized for any process.

Contact us today for more information on detecting gas leaks. You can also request a quote on an individual or packaged gas-monitoring solutions. We are available for the necessary functionality, modularity, and serviceability you need.

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