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New Regulations Mean Opportunity for Excess Flow Valves

New Regulations Mean Opportunity For Excess Flow Valves

Starting in 2017, the U.S. Federal Government will require new safety valves for gas lines serving multiple homes, duplexes and small multi-family buildings, and shops ranging from doctor’s offices and shopping centers to banks. This regulation was already mandated in 2009 for single-family homes, after decades of reported catastrophic damages caused by ruptured gas-lines that likely could have been reduced or prevented by this technology.

This means that ChemTec’s Excess Flow Valve technology can be even more important to you in 2017.

Purpose for Flow Valves

This amended change will be enforced with the intention to reduce or eliminate dangers from ruptured gas-lines provided to these buildings. By limiting the amount of gas that escapes a ruptured natural gas-line, an excess flow valve can prevent a “buildup” of fuel that can result in an explosion or fire. An Associated Press investigation in 2012 uncovered more than 270 accidents dating to 1968 could have been averted or made less dangerous if excess flow valves were installed homes’ and businesses’ natural gas-lines.

The ChemTec Solution

With our accuracy, speed and ability to customize orders, ChemTec stays ahead of the industry curve for your customers. We are committed to building the best excess flow valves, by working closely with you and your customers.

We offer three series of excess flow valves:

HPEFV Series

EFV Series

EFV MRS Series

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