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Industry Spotlight: Cooling Towers & Chillers

Chillers and cooling towers are implemented in various processing systems across many industries and are put into place for several reasons, including extending the life of the equipment and improving the quality of equipment performance.  Outside of equipment, chillers & cooling towers help maintain a constant temperature of liquid or air.

Flow monitors and flow meters are both suitable for cooling towers and chillers. Flow monitors are installed in-line to indicate loss of flow of cooling water in a chiller or cooling tower which is crucial to the cooling process. Flow meters are installed in-line to provide an accurate indication of flow. Detecting an increase or decrease in flow can help prevent quality problems and damage to expensive equipment.

ChemTec’s line of flow monitors and flow meters offer the accuracy, dependability and durability required by cooling towers and chillers. Designed to sense high & low flow conditions, ChemTec’s monitors & meters can be used in both manual and programmable linear controllers.  The LPH flow monitor is economical, compact and customizable to meet application demands. ChemTec’s MAO flow meter offers superior performance output.

To learn more about ChemTec’s LPH & MAO Series visit our catalog.

Chemtec's LPH-125-A Non-Adjustable Flow Monitor



Chemtec's MAO-125-T Non-Adjustable Flow Monitor



Chemtec's MAO-500-T Non-Adjustable Flow Monitor



Where to Find Cooling Towers & Chillers:

Air Conditioning/ HVACR (refrigeration)
Oil Refineries
Petrochemical/Chemical Plants
Thermal Power Stations
Water Treatment Plants
Medical Equipment Chillers (MRI’s, Lasers, CAT scans)
Process Equipment Chillers
Food Processing & Potable Water Chillers
Dry Cleaning Machine Chillers
Indoor/Outdoor Industrial Process Chillers
Cold Plunge Pools /Sports Therapy Pools
Plastics & Injection Molding

Types of Low Flow Coolers & Chillers:

Closed loop
Open loop

Chemtec's Flow Monitor Application

View our Flow Monitor Application Case Study

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