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Gas Analyzers and Flow Monitors

Gas Analyzers And Flow Monitors

Whether its chemical, medical, aerospace, water treatment, semiconductor, food/beverage, or pharmaceutical, gas analyzers play a vital role in their manufacturing processes. Managing gas concentration, flow rates, and purity is essential for efficiency and safety. Gas analyzers verify the amount of a particular or multiple gases.

Where Gas Analyzers Work

A good example of the importance of gas analyzers is in metal fabrication, where oxygen is used during the process of smelting iron ore into steel. Oxygen removes impurities from the steel and the gas analyzer helps manage the proper flow of oxygen into the process. On the other side of industrial processes, gas analyzers detect the presence of gases such as sulfur, carbon, argon, nitrogen, and hydrogen. These gases can be dangerous if present in the atmosphere, so their detection can be crucial to the safety of manufacturing plant and personnel.

ChemTec and Gas Analyzers

Gas analyzers are often used in hard-to-reach locations, so it’s essential every component is designed and engineered for low maintenance. One of those components is the flow monitor. By constantly checking gas flow, this verifies the system is functioning correctly, so reliability is essential.

ChemTec’s CCM Series adjustable flow monitors have proven to be an excellent match for gas analyzers. A body machined from PVC, together with a durable magnetic piston and reed switch, provide durability and dependable operation. PVC is highly resistant to attack by corrosive liquids and gases, thus making it a great fit for gas analyzers.

Gas analyzers are the most common application, but the CCM Series adjustable flow monitors are suitable in any application where low flow rates need monitoring. Four models provide air flow rates ranging from as low as 10 SCCM to 16,000 SCCM. Flow rates for water range from 1 ML/M up to 500 ML/M.

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