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Customizing Flow Monitors and Excess Flow Valves

Customizing Flow Monitors And Excess Flow Valves

Excess flow valves (EFVs) and flow monitors are essential to the functionality of many liquid or gas systems. In spite of their importance, these components are often overlooked during a system’s design phase. Often, standard mass-produced EFVs and flow monitors simply don’t perform or fit in-line with expectations.

Their design reveals opportunity for improvement, which comes in the form of customization. Because these issues often aren’t realized until the last minute, this can result in increasing production costs and delaying actual production. If it’s not possible to change these components, then plant managers are forced to accept that the system’s performance will suffer through this component’s lifespan.

Making Customization Work for You

These scenarios can be entirely avoided by making changes during the design phase. First, flow monitors and EFVs are components whose design should be addressed in coordination with the other components in a particular system. Second, customized valves and monitors should be implemented as a routine course of action when other components are ordered.

How to Know When It’s Time to Customize

There are a number of scenarios when it makes sense economically and performance-wise to choose customized EFVs and flow monitors. Three of the most common include when:

  • The standard item doesn’t fit due to line size, FNPT/MNPT, or another reason
  • A different material is needed to ensure that the needs of the particular environment or media are met
  • Life-cycle maintenance can only be accomplished with the use of a quick disconnect/connect component

At ChemTec, we are in complete control of the entire EFV and flow monitor lifecycle: design, manufacture, assembly, and testing phases. This allows us to easily incorporate our customers’ needs into our products, allowing them to keep lead times short. While customized components are perceived to cost more than standard ones, they can boost performance while reducing costs. Contact our team or browse through our catalog to see all that we have to offer.

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