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Customized EFV for Cell Phone Towers

Customized EFV For Cell Phone Towers

When hurricanes, wildfires or simple electrical system overloads cut the power to cell phone towers, diesel backup generators typically are the only way to keep the calls coming. But diesel requires maintenance and man-hours. An alternative, hydrogen, requires much less maintenance and man-hours to maintain.

In this instance, the fuel cell utilizes hydrogen to create electricity and emits little more than oxygen and water. Hydrogen fuel cells work like a battery so they do not require refueling. Unlike diesel generators, fuel cells are quieter and provide significantly more hours of power.

cell-phone-tower-efvThis particular EFV is a mechanical unit with gauge port and is currently employed on hydrogen generators. In this application, the hydrogen generators are located at the base of cell phone towers, maintaining steady power to ensure uninterrupted service/power.

ChemTec’s EFV 250 B MRS B920* customized with a gauge port (gauge can be installed/supplied by ChemTec).  

Due to the presence of hydrogen at un-manned cell phone towers, the unit does not have electricity to switch. Instead, the gauge is a visual indicator of flow (the presence of hydrogen in the line) to tell if the valve is open or closed. Valves can be equipped with an electric switch to send a signal to indicate open/closed position.

The EFV 250 B MRS B920* is a custom unit for a hydrogen generator at the base of cell phone towers. The standard unit can not be used in this exact application however, ChemTec’s EFV MRS series can be used in all of the following applications, but are not limited to:

  • manufacturing and handling industrial gases
  • liquefaction process (where gas is converted to liquid)
  • gas separation
  • gas production
  • gas sampling
  • CNG handling/processing
  • generators
  • fuel cells

*It is important to note this particular custom unit is not intended for liquids or volatile gases.

**The standard EFV 250 B MRS handles liquid or gas; electric switch option is available on all units.

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