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CNG Market is Anticipated to Reach $129.8 Billion by 2020

Natural gas is a domestically produced fossil fuel comprised mostly of methane. It is one of the cleanest burning alternatives to gasoline, diesel and propane and it can be used in the form of Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas to fuel automobiles. CNG and LNG produce fewer undesirable gases than the alternative fuels and are also safer in the event of a spill because the natural gas is lighter and will disperse quickly when released.

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Global compressed natural gas market is anticipated to reach $129.8 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Growth of global natural gas vehicles industry combined with increased automobile fuel efficiency attributed by CNG is anticipated to remain a key driving factor for the global market. Gas line breaks from ground movement, natural disasters, or third party damage can result in potentially catastrophic events from gas release into the atmosphere. Installing excess flow valves automate shutoff of a ruptured gas line to prevent explosions, like on most recent building collapse in New York City.

Featured Product: HPEFV

ChemTec’s Excess Flow Valve integration into CNG fuel systems on the supply line provide automatic shut down in the event of a line rupture.

Product Features:HPEFV-400x400

  • Controls high pressure excessive flows
  • Controlled bleed resets automatically
  • Field adjustable
  • Positive shut-off option
  • Maximum pressure 6000 PSIG
  • Detects excess flows
  • Detects increase in media viscosity
  • Function: Restricts or shuts off flow
  • Output: Switch contact (optional)

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For more information about ChemTec’s HPEFV in CNG applications or other product inquires, please contact our team at (800) 222-2177 or request a quote.

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