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CCM Series & Gas Analyzers

Gas analyzers are used in many industrial processes and play an important role: they are used to verify the presence or lack of presence of a particular gas or multiple gases. For example, in metal fabrication oxygen is used during the process of smelting iron ore into steel. Oxygen (O2) removes impurities from the steel. As the third most abundant element in the universe, Oxygen is the most widely used gas consumed by all living beings and is used for industrial purposes and applications including chemical, medical, aerospace, water treatment, semiconductor, food/beverage, and pharmaceutical. On the other side of industrial processes, analyzers detect the presence of gases such as sulfur, carbon, argon, nitrogen, and hydrogen. These gases can be dangerous if present in the atmosphere during manufacturing. Detection of these gases can be crucial to the safety of the plant and personnel.


Some gas analyzers and samplers require gas conditioning equipment to provide clean, dry gases to the extracting gas analyzer for continuous monitoring of emissions and process control. Many CEMS (continuous emission monitoring systems) have water-cooled or air-cooled sample pre-coolers. Pre-coolers cool the gas sample or compressed air that is used to treat the gas sample before entering the gas analyzer.

Gas analyzers and samplers can be hand held, portable cases, cabinet styles to be mounted or transported, or large permanent cabinets. They are used for flue gases, stack gas, emissions, process gases, biogas, syngas, ambient air, multi-gas analysis, kiln monitoring (cement plants), steel making, landfill gas, engine exhaust, controlled atmosphere, personnel safety, and more.

ChemTec’s CCM Series of adjustable flow monitors are used in continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and gas sample conditioning equipment to verify flow or no-flow. Durability and dependability are synonymous in ChemTec’s CCM Series. Impervious to corrosive gases and chemicals when built from PVC, the CCM can be manufactured from any material desired. With high resolution and minimal pressure drop, the CCM Series flow ranges from a low 10 SCCM to a high of 16,000 SCCM. Lightweight and unobtrusive, this flow monitor is the right system component for gas analyzers, gas sample conditioning equipment, CEMS, and sample pre-coolers.


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