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Laser Cutting is Making Waves

Laser Cutting Is Making Waves

Lasers were once a spotlight for science fiction, but now they are streamlining the manufacturing industry. Recent projections are now showing “Fiber Laser Cutting” is on the rise and expected to now become a key player in the Ultra Hard Material Cutting Machine market, which is expected to be a 1.8 billion dollar industry by 2024.

For more than 30 years lasers have been challenging the stamping and punching manufacturing industry and could soon be the industry standard. And now thanks to recent breakthroughs with Fiber Lasers, we’re seeing ultra-hard material cutting machines specifically are making waves and expanding into even more industries such as mining, defense, semiconductors, and electronics.  Fiber laser technologies are known to be about 30 times quicker than electrical discharge machines and are expected to find exceptionally high preference once their price comes down through product development and added market competition.

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LPH Series Flow Monitors

With many high powered lasers comes a need for displacing the amount of heat as a bi-product of the machine. ChemTec’s LPH Series flow monitor offers the accuracy, dependability and durability required by many liquid cooling systems for laser machines. Designed to sense high and low flow conditions, ChemTec’s flow monitors can be used in both manual and programmable linear controllers. The LPH flow monitor is economical, compact and customizable to meet application demands. ChemTec’s LPH flow monitor offers superior performance output.

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